Thursday, 30 May 2013


The Atout girls had us write up a little diddy and Zarah drew a picture :)

And Art Ave said these nice things:

A couple of weeks ago I found this group called ‘Høøves’ on soundcloud. I was immediately amazed by their sound and their lead singers unique voice. The Vancouver girl group has four members: Josefa (drums), Paulette, her sister (vocals), Zarah (bass) and Brittany (guitar). They all met through a film class and also volunteering at a campus radio station.

After finding out that they got the same music interests they got together on jams in Zarah’s basement and began creating songs. Their first recording hours were a Christmas present from Zarah’s dad. That is where the band recorded “Mooves like Katty” ; the other four songs that are on their soundcloud.

‘Høøves’ are currently waiting on Zarah’s return, to go on tour and record more songs. We are definitely going to hear more good material soon, so get used to them!
‘Høøves’, a band to look out for in the future.



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